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Use Linkinmall to book water activities in the east, Yilan whale watching turtle mountain island day trip, Hualien SUP stand-up paddle experience, Qingshui cliff canoe, convenient and reliable, arrive at the scene to skip the line, show the voucher for water activities!

Book a half-day tour of Yilan Whale Watching Turtle Mountain Island, take a boat to watch whales, circle the island, and land on the island! Led by a professional guide, we will take you from Wushi Port to take a boat and set off happily! Go around the island, land on the island, watch whales, go out to get close to nature outdoors, and recommend whale watching on Guishan Island;

Book Hualien Qingshui Cliff or Liyutan SUP paddle, professional coaches will guide, accompany and explain, and you can get started safely without a foundation, and take you from the seaside to set off! On the SUP paddle, you can enjoy the magnificent cliff landscape up close, feel the excitement and challenge brought by the vast ocean, and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.

Select the relevant itineraries of Yilan and Hualien for you

Yilan whale watching

From 900

There are three kinds of itineraries for whale watching in Yilan: landing on the island + going around the island + whale watching (three-in-one), landing on the island + going around the island (two-in-one) and going around the island + whale watching (not landing on the island).

Hualien SUP stand-up paddle

From 1,600

SUP stand-up paddle is a water sport that combines elements of water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and canoeing. Under the magnificent landscape of Hualien, greet the sunrise and feel the embrace of nature.

Hualien canoe

From 1,600

Professional instructors will guide, accompany and explain from the side, and take you from the seaside to set off! From the canoe, you can enjoy the spectacular cliff landscape up close, feel the thrill and challenge of the vast ocean, and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.

The latest developments in eastern tourism

The unique geography has created a beautiful one, with rugged coasts and strange scenery.

The group at the Rift Valley makes concerted efforts to maintain the recreational environment and safety of the Liyutan waters

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications is based on the fact that tourism safety is the basis for improving the quality of tourism, and it is also the premise for the development of sustainable tourism…

Kameyama Island 3/1 “Wake Up”! Ming called on 500 people to land on the island to clean the beach

Yilan Guishan Island has been dormant for 3 months and is about to wake up! On March 1st, visitors will be allowed to land on the island…

The wonder of “Turtle Island Sulphur Smoke” is reappeared! In the early morning, white smoke erupted from Guishan Island

Guishan Island in Yilan County is currently closed on the island, and at 6 o’clock in the morning today (10th), the turtle head erupted with white smoke…

The travel list must be “Hualien Qingshui Cliff Canoe”, wandering in the embrace of the Pacific Ocean!

In Hualien Qingshui Cliff, there is a super hot event “Qingshui Cliff Canoe Dawn Group”…

Is the emerging water leisure activity “Canoe &SUP” safe?

Canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) are very popular outdoor activities on the water in recent years…

I’ve seen the most beautiful sunrise in my life! Hualien Qingshui Cliff Sunrise Group Canoe Experience

The summer-limited outdoor activities in Taiwan have officially started! Especially for all kinds of marine activities…

A full guide to popular desserts in Toucheng! The list of “7 Toucheng Cafes” in Yilan people’s private collection is public

The CP value of Toucheng dessert shop is so high that it is beyond your imagination! In addition to the beautiful scenery, seafood and three-star onion cuisine in Yilan County, there are many changes…

Starbucks’ first “yacht” drove into Toucheng! The beautiful mountain and sea view store is newly opened

Carrying the historical background of Wushigang’s famous “Shigang Spring Sail” merchant ships, Starbucks symbolizes a new voyage through the wind and waves…